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Industry Landscape

Key areas impacting medical communications for focus and investment  – driven by FUTURUM, HCG’s future-focused think-tank initiative.

20 minute read

Medical Communications: Leading Transformation in a Transforming Industry

Medical communications is transforming in its science and data, audience, technology and channels of HCP communications and the role of medical affairs. This paper, in collaboration with Reuters with expert insight from medcomms leaders, explores this transformation and how pharma companies are seeking to seize this opportunity in practice and deliver on the new mission expected of them.

12 minute read

MedComms Vantage 2022: A Transforming Industry

Through a future-focused think-tank and interviews with medical communications specialists from pharma, see how HCG identified 4 key shifts impacting medical communications and how the investment in each will be critical to ensure we are meeting the needs of health care providers.

Health Disparities & Inequities

HCG, through its Health Disparities & Inequities Task Force, is committed to highlighting and educating on the impact of health disparities and inequities in all forms of scientific and medical communications.

5 minute read

Achieving health equity: a focused approach to redefining our medical communications efforts

Addressing health disparities and inequities can still appear an uphill task. At Healthcare Consultancy Group we have put forward a framework for our teams to leverage with their clients to help develop and disseminate content using the language of and from the perspective of the patient.

8 minute read

The challenge of our time: The looming reality of health inequity and how healthcare communicators can help fight against it

How can medical communications play a role in making healthcare more equitable? Read on to learn more about our approach to operationalizing awareness of health disparities and inequities in our business practices and to developing content accordingly.

60 minute video

PANEL DISCUSSION: A new framework for equity: Medical communications’ role in addressing health disparities

In partnership with Reuters, join experts from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer for a panel discussion hosted by HCG as they address how to elevate the conversation around health disparities and inequities in medical communications to ensure health outcomes are improved across all underserved patient populations.

10 minute video

A framework for equity: Medical communications’ role in addressing health disparities

In this webinar, experts from HCG’s Health Disparities & Inequities Task Force address how the medical communications industry can ensure that materials actively communicate and educate HCPs on this topic. They will uncover a framework that can leveraged for every client, therapeutic area, or product, to move the needle towards a more equitable distribution of information and access.

Artificial Intelligence

HCG, through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Forces, is committed to highlighting the impact of AI within scientific and medical communications and to embracing AI opportunities in our work and client offerings.

12 minute read

Search: The Next Generation

Generative AI is going to transform the way HCPs and patients seek information.

5 minute read

How Artificial Intelligence can Expand the Borders of Healthcare

AI technologies have the capacity to revolutionize the practice of medicine – if HCPs can learn to trust them first. Our experts will discuss the current challenges faced with AI and some steps we can take to educate HCPs and move them along the AI adoption spectrum from skepticism to acceptance to advocacy.

60 minute video

Artificial Intelligence in Practice - How Medical Affairs can Leverage AI Today

AI has become a ubiquitous buzzword in many industries, but how can medical affairs effectively integrate this growing technology to improve efficiency and provide value in medical education today? As healthcare professionals (HCPs) continue to face a stream of new information, and pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies continue to vie for their attention, leveraging AI capabilities poses a very real solution across the industry.

12 minute read

A Matter of Trust

AI technologies have the capacity to revolutionize the practice of medicine – if HCPs can learn to trust them first. Our experts will discuss the current challenges faced with AI and some steps we can take to educate HCPs and move them along the AI adoption spectrum from skepticism to acceptance to advocacy.

5 minute read

The Next Generation of Literature Reviews

Systematic literature review is one of the more time-and resource-consuming undertakings in pharma. In this article, our experts explain how new developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are making this process substantially more efficient and the new possibilities it opens for the pharma industry.

Precision Medical Education & Omnichannel

Precision Medical Education and Omnichannel focus on leveraging data to better understand and target HCPs, creating modular/atomic content to reach them with the right message and right time, and leveraging the technology, platforms and channels to deliver, measure and improve communication.

56 minute video

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Journey to Omnichannel in Medical Affairs

In this webinar in partnership with Reuters, experts from HCG, OHG, GSK, Novartis, and Pfizer discuss how to leverage data and insights, use new technologies, and create engaging content to deliver personalized medical education to HCPs.

15 minute video

The Journey to Omnichannel in Medical Affairs

In this webinar, experts from HCG and OHG explore how to leverage data and create engaging content through new technologies to deliver personalized medical education to our HCPs.

6 minute read

Precision Medical Education: Getting It Right – Right Person, Right Content, Right Channel, Right Time

Gather insights from our experts here at HCG on delivering personalized and actionable content to an HCP at every point in their journey. Additionally, read on to understand how to measure and analyze the success of each engagement in order to adapt the content, channels, and timing to improve effectiveness and fulfil HCPs’ unmet needs.

7 minute read

Omnichannel – the Med Comms Answer to HCP Data Overload

The total amount of data that an HCP needs to consume has significantly increased since the dawn of the smartphone era. On average, the data consumed were 2 zettabytes in 2010, and in 2025, the projected consumption of data will be 181 zettabytes.

Read on to learn about our approach to tackling this using omnichannel.

15 minute video

Precision Medical Education: Translating Omnichannel to Scientific Communication

Join an HCG cross-functional panel as they discuss the Precision Medical Education journey and how it will lead to personalized, actionable content, and when and where it will have the greatest impact. The panel will also discuss how to measure and analyze successes through an engagement and how to adapt the content, channels, and timing to improve effectiveness over time.


Innovative approaches and excellence that are shaping the publications landscape. Driven by the HCG Publications Center of Excellence

8 minute read

Exploring Attitudes Toward AI and Omnichannel in Medical Communications

8 minute read

Harnessing Podcasts to Maximize the Reach of Medical Publications

8 minute read

Inclusivity in action: HCP perspectives on diversifying clinical trials

8 minute read

Using Storytelling to Communicate Complex Science: A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of the Narrative Properties of Journal Articles on Genetic Medicines

8 minute read

Graphical abstract and plain language summary usage patterns in nephrology and gastroenterology publications

60 minute video

Harnessing Omnichannel, AI, and Beyond: Reimagining Scientific Publications

Brought to you by HCG’s Publication Center of Excellence, this webinar brings together industry speakers from AstraZeneca, Bayer, and ISMPP to share insights on the latest trends that are transforming the publications’ landscape.

8 minute read

Leveling the Playing Field - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Clinical Research and Publications

8 minute read

Examining Approaches to Educating US Oncologists About Clinical Trials

8 minute read

Ease of Reading: Evaluating Clinical Data Accessibility Through the Use of Graphical Abstracts and Plain Language Summaries

30 minute video

Quick Wins for Data Amplification in Scientific Communications

In this webinar, HCG’s publication and medical affairs experts discuss some quick tips that can make an impact on scientific communications plans.

10 minute read

Should Key Opinion Leaders have a role in amplification of peer-reviewed publications in the digital space?

8 minute read

Current Trends in the Use of Social Media to Disseminate Pharmaceutical Publications

5 minute read

Trends in the Evolving Virtual Congress Era Considerations for Presentation Development

8 minute read

Tracking the Use and Reach of Congress Publication Extenders

8 minute read

Tracking the Use and Reach of Congress Publication Extenders – Plain Language Summary

Health Care Professional Communications and Engagement

HCP engagement is being revolutionized, and our experts are leading the charge with forward-thinking and innovative new approaches.

60 minute video

Neuromarketing: Unlock the Science of Customer Engagement

Join our leading experts for this informative discussion to discover novel methods of HCP behavior analysis rooted in psychology and neuroscience and take your customer engagement strategy to the next level in the next 3 months.

2 minute read

Medical Affairs Goes Social

The coronavirus pandemic pushed medical communications into the digital age. In this article our Global Director at HCG, Jeremy Williams, offers insights as to why social media channels are key in engaging healthcare professionals.

13 minute video

Framing the Future: How to Prepare for the Next Generation of Medical Communications

COVID-19 significantly changed consumer behaviors and required pharma to rethink how we engage and educate HCPs. Our experts discuss how to prepare for the new future of medical communications, taking learnings from what we've witnessed and experienced over the last several years to propel our engagements forward.

16 minute video

Injecting Innovation Into Medical Affairs: Big Ideas to Drive HCP Engagement

Our experts discuss the need to think personal and snackable when developing content, the evolution to “Content 3.0,” and how to master the new landscape to engage HCPs and key opinion leaders (KOLs) on social media.

35 minute video

New Rules: Transforming HCP Engagement in an Evolving Landscape

Members from the HCG Engagement Group, an industry powerhouse collection of 115+ digital, creative, and innovation experts, discuss a strategy for effective knowledge building among HCP audiences, tactical real-world examples and considerations, and a framework for leveraging data-driven audience segmentation and social network engagement.

50 minute video

The Science Behind Learning: Evidence-Based Principles to Improve HCP Engagement

The Science Behind Learning: Evidence-Based Principles to Improve HCP Engagement
Medical, scientific, and creative experts translate learning theory research into best practices for improving HCP engagement. An overview of research in learning techniques and methodologies, actionable real-world examples, and a framework for integrating learning principles into future medical communications will be provided.

Digital Opinion Leaders

Digital opinion leaders (DOLs) are becoming the most influential breed of opinion leaders. Understanding them and engaging them successfully is key to the success of our medical education and communications.

8 minute read

The rise of the digital opinion leader

The influence of the digital opinion leaders continues to grow but identifying the right DOL to partner with can be a challenge. Our experts offer their advice on the art of DOL identification and explain how this process is becoming more scientific.

4 minute read

Discovering the Unique Power of DOLs

You’ve heard it, DOLs are the new KOLs—and this model is here to stay. From identifying them through a common passion to building this relationship, we’ve been there, done that, and we’re ready to take you on this journey!

8 minute read

The Rise of the Digital Opinion Leader – Are you harnessing the power of pharma’s new educators?

With the rise of online HCP presence, a new breed of KOLs have emerged—DOLs. Our experts will provide their key insights on identification, engagement, and advocacy in this article.

42 minute video

The ABCs of DOLs (Digital Opinion Leaders): Identification, Monitoring, Engagement

HCG experts provide their perspective on the evolving role of DOLs in medical and marketing communications and share their approaches for identifying, monitoring, and engaging DOLs in a compliant manner, with relevant examples.

Medical Affairs & Social Media

Social media has become a key engagement channel for medical communications as HCPs embrace social media channels for education and peer-to-peer engagement.

8 minute read

Be Social! A New Game for Medical Affairs – Engaging HCPs on Social Media

It’s never been a matter of where to engage HCPs, but with more spending increased time online and with an increased number using social media for professional services, medical affairs teams need to keep up.

Read on, and we’ll provide real work examples on how to engage HCPs on social media through every step of this new journey.

24 minute video

Medical Affairs Goes Social: Successfully Engaging HCPs on Social Media

A cross-functional panel discusses the trends in medical communications toward increased HCP engagement on social media, the need to proactively identify and seize opportunities under this new engagement paradigm, and practical real-world examples to effectively facilitate compliant HCP social media engagement.

Virtual Engagement

Virtual engagement has evolved into a critical channel for health care professional (HCP) communication, education, and congress involvement.

8 minute read

Virtual? Hybrid? Seven Lessons for Standing Out at Tomorrow’s Congress

Learn strategies on how to engage an HCP audience at virtual congresses—from the virtual booth to relationship building, the increased audience size, to content. Anyone trying to engage HCPs in a virtual environment need to rethink their strategy, and we have a few suggestions on how.

16 minute video

Face-to-Face, to Virtual, and Back Again? The Future of Live Engagement

A multidisciplinary expert HCG panel discusses HCP attitudes, opinions, and preferences on the return to live events, as told by HCPs themselves. The panel discusses “what’s next” in HCP engagement and provides insights on integrated multichannel strategies for connecting and communicating with both live and virtual audiences during hybrid programs.

21 minute video

Wearing Red Is No Longer Enough: How to Stand Out at a Virtual Conference

Communication professionals engage a cross-functional panel to discuss challenges, share learnings, and highlight best practices when presenting at a virtual (or hybrid) congress, based on findings from 100 virtual congresses. The panel investigates competitive differentiation and how to maximize audience outreach using real-life examples.

49 minute video

The Reality of Virtual, Part 2: The Virtual Congress: Dealing With the Disruption to Your Communication Strategy

Data-dissemination and digital experts provide perspectives on what congress disruption means for medical communications strategy to equip attendees with practical solutions for data dissemination and HCP engagement.

HEOR, RWE, and Value & Access

Proven methodologies in clinical, economic, & humanistic studies to measure disease burden and build a compelling value story for pharmaceuticals & medical devices across various therapeutic areas & markets​.

5 minute read

Adopting a holistic approach in crafting a product’s value story: utilizing HEOR and RWE throughout the product life cycle.

The most common factors for underperforming drug launches between 2012 and 2017 in the United States were limited market access, inadequate understanding of customer needs and poor product differentiation. Learn from our experts how HE models, and RWE can be used to overcome these challenges.

55 minute video

Real-World Data: Driving Innovation and Improved Outcomes in Rare Diseases

Our cross-functional panel discusses the US landscape in rare disease and the challenges for health care access, creating value propositions and solutions, and the role of innovative real-world data strategies and communication channels for optimal engagement of all stakeholders.


Data must be presented in ways that matter to healthcare providers, the patients they treat, and the regulators who protect them.

66 minute video

Clinical Trial Disruption Due to COVID-19: Interpreting and Communicating Data With Regulators

HCG hosts a panel of industry experts to discuss how to interpret data from clinical trials disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and how to best communicate these data with regulators.

50 minute video

Beginning With the End Goal in Mind – Moving Beyond Traditional Life Science R&D and Regulatory Strategic Tools

An HCG and industry expert panel discusses how to prepare a high-quality product concept document and develop specifications around the components of the product. They also consider how to effectively use these utility documents to guide regulatory, business development, scientific, and market-entry strategy and development.