HCG has a simple philosophy:
Your drug is our client.

Our job is to do everything to protect the integrity of the science, the data, and the message.

Our mission is to ensure that your drug is positioned throughout its lifecycle in the best light possible so it can be used in the most appropriate patient populations doing the most benefit.

But we cannot do this by ourselves. Our most successful programs—and there are too many to list over our 25+ years in business—are built on foundations of trust, integrity, open communication, and transparency. By serving as the representative of the drug to its many audiences, we can best ensure your therapeutic and economic success.

At some point flawless execution is the strategy, simply stated. Well done is better than well said. Yet we strive to say everything as well as it can be said.

The pharmaceutical manufacturers and scientific organizations who hire us face significant challenges:

Limited access to physicians
Numerous communication channels that keep growing
Tough (really tough) regulators
Healthcare reform and accountable care
Restricted budgets, leaving you no room for error
The need for speed and agility in the marketplace

What HCG brings you is over 25 years of specialist-physician relationships and an understanding of what motivates medical professionals to listen and interact, so they can confidently connect with your data. We’re a scientifically rigorous agency that understands how to employ digital and leverage multichannel, so you don’t waste time and money. We’re one of the first regulatory practices, taking over 90 drugs through committee with an industry-leading 80% success rate. We bring an understanding of accountable care, so you can deal with the implications up front. And we‘re devoted to scientific and strategic rigor so the right content, messages, and programs that build the foundation of your drug are done right the first time.

Thank you for visiting the HCG website, and for giving us some of your valuable time. We will respect it as you read on, and make it worth more if we’re honored to work together.

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