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Welcome to the Healthcare Consultancy Group.
Our medical communication companies bring medicines closer to the patients who need them.

Together with our clients, we have a positive effect on daily lives around the world.
And there is no greater motivation than that.


To make you first, we lead.

HCG is a global leader in medical communications, comprising 7 interconnected agencies with distinct personalities and complementary skills.

Our agencies craft evidence into stories that shape decisions and drive medicine. With the conviction of expertise and the confidence of authority we challenge established wisdom to inform and engage your audiences. Our culture generates a thought arena, driving future thinking, collaboration, and communication excellence. We are passionate about providing the reach and resolve required to deliver programs that move hearts and minds.

Our agencies

Leaders of change

We understand that in order to inspire you, we have to be the inspiration. It’s that thought that helps us push the boundaries of medical education and makes us true thought leaders.

We pursue progress and innovation, adapting proven standards and devising new, data-driven communication models to better understand our customers throughout their journeys and your product life cycle. Our approach, customer journeys, and experiences with science are carefully designed around creating impact and effecting change as a result of medical communications activities.

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Come for the work.
We are working together at the cutting edge of science and creativity. HCG is powered by collaboration. Driven by passion. Our people deliver excellence.

Stay for the culture.
We put our people at the center of everything we do. Diversity is HCG’s strength, flexibility its fuel. We never stand still and grow together with you.

Have an impact.
The work we do makes a difference to patients and providers the world over. Make a difference with us.


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