Beginning With the End Goal in Mind – Moving Beyond Traditional Life Science R&D and Regulatory Strategic Tools

An HCG and industry expert panel discusses how to prepare a high-quality product concept document and develop specifications around the components of the product. They also consider how to effectively use these utility documents to guide regulatory, business development, scientific, and market-entry strategy and development. (2020)

50 minute video


Matt Veatch
Managing Partner, Revesight Consulting
Jeffrey Mocny, PhD
Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, ProEd Regulatory
Bridget Grim
Director of Scientific Operations at The Osmolality Lab
Sandra Chiovitti
President, Canadian Chapter of the Society of Quality Assurance (CCSQA)

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The Collective Intelligence Webinars leverage the global expertise of the Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG) to provide leading professionals across pharma and biotech with thought-leadership examples of future thinking, collaboration, and communication excellence.

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