Precision Medical Education: Getting It Right – Right Person, Right Content, Right Channel, Right Time

Gather insights from our experts here at HCG on delivering personalized and actionable content to an HCP at every point in their journey. Additionally, read on to understand how to measure and analyze the success of each engagement in order to adapt the content, channels, and timing to improve effectiveness and fulfil HCPs’ unmet needs. (2021)

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Delphine Dubois
Chief Innovation Officer
Gregory Imber
Chief Engagement Officer
Akarsh Sakalaspur
Executive VP, Head of Digital

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The Collective Intelligence Webinars leverage the global expertise of the Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG) to provide leading professionals across pharma and biotech with thought-leadership examples of future thinking, collaboration, and communication excellence.

HCG is a global leader in medical communications, comprising 7 interconnected agencies with distinct personalities and complementary skills.

The depth of our expertise allows us to configure custom solutions to meet your scientific, regulatory, and digital needs. Discrete offices and robust processes ensure the confidentiality of your data and programs.

We give your programs the profile they deserve by building your team with you in mind.